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The Total Human™, founded by Allyson Rice, offers life-changing programs, retreats, and weekend workshops that will help to expand your personal power and presence in the world. Whether the program centers on health and healing, enhancing creativity and intuition, yoga and meditation, vision questing, ancient women's teachings, or reconnecting with the healing power of nature, the goal is always to create the dynamic manifestation of your greatest untapped potential. The programs are holistic, mind-body-spirit in approach, with a focus on direct personal experience as the path to transformation.

              The Total Human™ is someone who...

              • is connected to their soul and life purpose
              • has dynamic energy to manifest their Vision
              • has expanded awareness and intuitive capability
              • has an internal ease in the midst of daily life
              • enjoys an effortless flow of creativity in all they do
              • is compassionate and heart-centered in their relationships
              • has emotional freedom and expression
              • does not make life choices based on fear
              • has a deep connection to their own inner knowing
              • has a light in their eyes and a magnetic presence
              • has embraced all aspects of their life experience
              • uses their body at a higher functioning level for spiritual development
              • grounds that spiritual development into daily physical reality
              • uses their increased personal power with great wisdom
              • and has a deep connection to the joy in life

The Total Human is one who has activated
the Light (hu) in the Mind (man).
Live larger than you are currently...
and The Total Human could be you.

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