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The Total Human Facilities and Associates

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  b  The Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing
Life changing retreats, intensives, Vision Quests, and other Quest-related programs. Founded in 1985 by Malcolm Ringwalt.
  a  Angel Valley Retreat Center
Angel Valley is located in Sedona, Arizona and is a secluded, peaceful 70 acre creek side sanctuary for reconnecting to the Divine within.

Links from our Quarterly Newsletter

These are organizations which have been mentioned in past issues of our quaterly newsletter, supporting the environment or relating to the uplifting of humanity.
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    Renewable Choice
Renewable Choice uses renewable energy credits to provide wind power to our customers. We provide a mix of credits from wind farms across the country. Renewable Choice undergoes an independent annual audit to ensure all our customers get what they p
    The Center for a New American Dream's Conscious Consumer Marketplace
This site makes it easier for you to buy environmentally and socially responsible versions of everyday items-from coffee to paper to energy for your home.
    Earth Justice
The nonprofit law firm for the environment, representing - without charge - hundreds of public interest clients, large and small. Earthjustice works through the courts to safeguard public lands, national forests, parks, and wilderness areas; to reduce ai
    The Union of Concerned Scientists
Founded in 1969 by faculty members and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who were concerned about the misuse of science and technology in society. Their core groups of scientists and engineers collaborate with colleagues across th
    Move On
A lot of great social campaigns and how you can get involved.
    Network For Good
A "clearing house" of many different charitable organizations. You can choose who to donate money to. A great resource in keeping up-to-date with the ongoing world crises, and how you can help.
    The One Campaign
Their belief is in unity among people. They believe we commit ourselves - one person, one voice, one vote at a time - to make a better, safer world for all. They also list worldwide relief organizations. World Religion Quiz
Then take a fun quiz at that will show you which religions your personal beliefs are in line with. It may surprise you to find that traditions you have very strong pre-conceived notions about (or some you may never have heard of) are ac
    Go Gratitude Flash Film
This is a beautiful little flash film if you haven't seen it. Enjoy!
    Radical Sages
Radical Sages hopes to change your perspective on politics. They see inner spiritual work and transformational social action as inseparable, and that wisdom is both insight and action. They believe that our time is calling us to participate wholehear
    Heifer International
Their mission is to end hunger and poverty, to care for the earth by helping individuals create sustainable work that benefits families and communities, to promote "passing on the gift" to others in their community, and to improve the health of the e
    Plan USA
Consider either ongoing monthly support, or a one-time donation. Either can help support their mission of child-centered development and the well-being, rights and interests of the world's children, uniting people across cultures.
    The Association of Global New Thought
Embracing the cause of freedom of worship and human rights for practitioners of all faiths, and calling for spiritually-motivated "compassionate activism."
    Teaching Tolerance -- The Southern Poverty Law Center
"Teaching Tolerance" is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization which fights racial and religious hate crimes. This is their project aimed at teaching tolerance to children (the children are our future).
    The National Resource Defense Council
This group tirelessly fights to protect our environment (no matter which political party is in office). They do incredibly good and important work.
    The Inter-Faith Alliance
A nonpartisan group representing diverse religious and spiritual traditions -- Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs -- over 70 different faith traditions in all as well as Agnostics and Atheists. They work together in an effort to encou
    Kids In Mind Movie Ratings
The images we choose to put into our heads stay there, even if they've "gone underground" and work at a subconscious level. If you'd like to make an informed choice as a parent as to what you feel is appropriate for your kids (or for yourself), this
    The Campaign Against GMO's
Join the campaign to require the labeling of genetically modified foods (GMO's), so that we can have an informed choice when it comes to what we decide to put into our bodies. Go here for action steps.
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