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Lighten Up: A Healing Retreat
"When I left the Lighten Up -- 2003 class all I could say was 'I'm speechless!'... 'Thank you' wasn't inadequate so much as it was not capturing the depth of what I wanted to convey... Thank you for all your hard work at the Lighten Up retreat. I feel so fortunate that I was able to attend. Your loving, caring attitudes, delicious food, lovely setting, fabulous yoga sessions, and enlightening 'gatherings' combined to move me to a new place of perspective... I am moving towards wellness again. Truthfully, this class was a last chance effort for me... I am grateful that this class was available to me. Thank you for being so instrumental in my Healing Journey."
--Mary Rude, Supervisor of the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Florida

"I was so deeply touched by the passion and energy that came right out of the center of each of you. Lighten Up was a mystical and magical experience and deeply healing. I continue to discover the far reaching effects of my time with you. It cleared my mind, deepened my meditation practice, gave clarity to challenging decisions I've had to make, and increased my physical well-being and strength. I feel more integrated and able to practice both what I was already doing and what you taught. I start over new, I am present, and I am deeply grateful. Thank you for the incredible gifts of your presence, your spirits, your talents and gifts, and your generosity.
--Dorothy Hanes
Medical Social Worker, Oregon

"I want to write and thank you for the wonderful experience that Lighten Up provided. I felt so many shifts on many levels...a number of things were being 'rewired and reprogrammed'... Since Lighten Up five people have commented on 'how different I look.' Clearer skin, brighter eyes, and a very calm demeanor... I am feeling much better. Kundalini yoga has become a mainstay of my life. Allyson, you were an excellent teacher... Other things I found so vital and energizing: building the sweatlodge, sitting in the sweatlodge, the day of silence, gratitude and appreciation, the daily meditations in the desert, and of course all the wonderful teaching and the people that attended... You are both excellent teachers, leaders, and guides. I feel so blessed to have been able to participate in this retreat. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
--Sharon D., Healer, California

"It's been almost three weeks now since the Lighten Up class and I'm still amazed at all that happened both in the class and afterwards... I realize also that the healing you two did on me was a key. It unlocked a lot of things for the rest of the week... The whole week was great. I got so many answers and insights and even some new directions. Thank you again for Lighten Up."
--Eileen S., Student, Ohio

"I am still on a cloud. I feel wonderful..."
--Maritza Guevara, Human Resource Coordinator, California

"Just a note from us to let you know how much the Lighten Up class in June has changed things for us... My flexibility has increased greatly and my level of pain has greatly decreased. The change in our lives has been profound. I am feeling younger everyday, and Maureen, who was already very flexible is becoming stronger. Maureen and I are getting along better as a couple. We are getting more of the things that we really care about done and not getting so bogged down with the things we feel we have to do to make a living or get along with the family... We both feel a greater spiritual connection with nature, the universe, and other people. We just want to extend our sincere appreciation for you both and what you do. We are still feeling the love you gave to us at the class. It's been 10 months since we were at Lighten Up, and the workshop continues to enrich our lives."
--David Smuin, Hydrologist, and Maureen Smuin, Civil Engineer, Colorado

"I cannot tell you what an honor it was for Sara and myself to spend this magical time with you all. It's a time, you can be sure, we will never forget. I am in total awe of the mission, love and effort that both Allyson and Malcolm put into this retreat. May they be forever blessed!"
--Virginia and Sara, New York City

"After taking Lighten Up last year, I had many experiences where complete strangers were comfortable sitting beside me, speaking with me, and asking me for help, which is not the "norm" for me. I truly experienced a deep shift in my Heart, and a much greater awareness of how opening my heart to those around me affects them."
--John Bridgman, Industrial HVAC Service Technician, Ohio

"Thank you so much for holding the Lighten Up retreat. I learned soooo much. I feel like a different person now. I am not even sure what changed, but I feel more grounded, and that there is more 'depth' to me. In the two weeks following the retreat I wrote down some of the new feelings I had: My heart felt very expansive. I had no more residual tension in my shoulders. I felt more loving toward strangers. I felt grounded. I was more sensitive. I was more appreciative. Physically, I was warmer. I did not crave chocolate and still don't!... I am looking for a kundalini teacher, but in the meantime I bought a couple of videos to keep me going with that amazing practice! Interesting things are happening around me... I can't thank you enough for putting on these programs. I am very grateful for you both and what you do."
--Roxann Parran, Essential Oils Distributor, Hawaii

Women's Retreat
"I attended the 2005 Women's Retreat hoping to find rest, support, healing, and renewal. Beyond my wildest dreams, I found a circle of women who each gave 100% and received 100%. The gifts continue to unfold and take root as I return to a more love-filled life here at home. We hold our time together as sacred and deep life revealing. We hold our experiences confidential and precious. Thanks to Allyson for preparing and holding the space of great beauty, safety and nurturing. Thanks to all who attended for your courage, openness, and Truth. I am deeply humbled and deeply fed by the time we shared together."
-- Sally R., Quest Counseling, Ohio

"The Women's Retreat helped me to see how I work very hard to be "invisible." Being unseen, unnoticed, unrecognizable--these were things I was striving for. In this way, I have avoided my own power. And so my growing personal frustration has been something akin to, "What the *&^%$*#@ am I doing? I believe we have the power to do far greater things!" And that brings me back round to how I hide, and how when hidden, there's no way to accomplish such things nor to gather a group to accomplish such things. And so I'm coming out of hiding. The women's retreat was instrumental in that for me."
--Tracy Miller, Graphic Designer, New Mexico

"I've been spinning my @$$ off ever since the class ended...what an amazing effect it has had on my life. So many things have already come my way, and all I had to do was spin them into my reality! Thanks!"
--Kate Chance, Healer/Teacher, Prescott, AZ

"I am still practicing what I learned at the retreat and feel I have gained more from the class than anything I've ever done! Thank you for sharing yourself and your connection with Spirit".
--Kim S., Manager, Florida

"This women's retreat really appealed to me as a way to nurture and renew myself after giving a lot of my time and energy over the past four years to my young daughter and husband. Although it was hard for me to let go of my family worries when I arrived at the retreat, the support of Allyson and the other retreat women helped me know that I was doing the best thing both for myself and for my family by taking time out. The yoga/movement sessions, art and creativity time along with the evening group exercises all combined to create a wonderful flow of each day. I was sorry to have the retreat end! I truly know I am now a better woman, mother, and wife thanks to this women's retreat. I look forward to attending more! "
--Dawn Hansen, Mother and part-time massage therapist, Logan, UT

"Thank you so much for a fantastic retreat, it was life-changing. Shifts in perspective are still occurring and I'm sure will continue. See you at the next opportunity!"
--Sandy A., Court reporter, Florida

"Thank you for the wonderful Women's Retreat! We appreciate all the time and energy that you poured into the planning and the class itself. It was certainly a life-changing experience."
--Mary R., Florida

"I am totally enjoying all of the new tools and information I learned at the (Women's) Retreat.... I'm already putting intentions out there for next year... I really can't put into words how much the retreat has impacted me. Really I feel like a different person since the retreat! My husband will attest to it and other people seem to notice but can't always put their finger on what is different, if that makes sense. The retreat really gave me my confidence - it's like a tremendous gift to myself ... I could feel a remarkable transformation after the retreat. I have tremendous gratitude for you personally and all the women I met."
--Tiffany Baker, Social Worker, Indiana
"Thank you so much for a wonderful week last week and for your open heartedness and sharing. It was an amazing experience for me to travel so many miles and spend time with such wonderful women. Before I came last week I knew that life was beginning to open up for me in so many ways and since coming back I have become even more aware of how true this is. Old patterns are starting to fall away and I am beginning to really believe that I have a right to be where I am and making my own choices with more confidence. "
--Sue Pullen, Business Manager, London, England
"Thank you so very much for the Women's Retreat. It has opened so may places within me. Each and every day I embrace the skills/tools you helped us to "remember" and come to know. I encourage all women to participate in your program, it continues to influence my life."
--Ronda Christopher, Colorado
"The Women's Retreat was a wonderful experience for me. I loved what you said... I found it very empowering. The land was beautiful and felt spiritually powerful. The kundalini yoga exercises worked wonderfully well to open up my energy."
--Kate B., Software engineer, Maine
Your Wild Creative Soul
"Your Wild Creative Soul" has been the best class for me so far. I hope and pray to be able to make (this retreat) an annual event in my life from now on. I would even go so far as to "recommend" it as a pre-requisite for any or all of your other classes. I now find that I like myself a whole lot more every time I gaze into the mirror that you gave me on that retreat. Thank you ever so very, very much ! ! ! 'You make me want to be a better man.' God Bless You on Your Journey."
--Anthony Langenfeld, M.D., Theology Student and USAF Flight Surgeon, Minnesota
"Even though I do a lot of art at home, it was a much different experience doing it in a group setting because of the safe space that you created, and what it allowed to emerge. Watching other people "lean in" together with the protection and guidance you provided gave me the space to let go... I'm still amazed at how much moved in those few days."
-- Amy Moran, Artist/Teacher/Mother of 3, Oregona
"Your Wild Creative Soul was really wonderful -- so fun and so deceptively deeping and inspiring. I appreciate all the work and time you put into the workshops you give... thank you so very much"
-- Anne Haynes, Idaho

Yoga Classes
"I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. It was such a power class. You are a wonderful teacher, very clear and articulate, informative and fluid. I loved how you concentrated on balancing the "work" with rest. That felt so good and is so necessary both in yoga and in life. I really felt like so much of your class transcended the classroom and was useful in all spheres of life. This is what yoga should be and unfortunately is so rarely taught or demonstrated these days. I think people will find this kind of yoga refreshing and really meaningful."
--Stacey Small, Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Topanga, CA
"Kundalini Yoga has become a mainstay of my life. Allyson you're an excellent teacher."
--S.D., Healer, California
Energy Healing
"Of all the healers, and other practitioners I have been to, no one has come close to the healing energy that you possess. And, as you know, I'm very sensitive to energy... The healings that you did for me still blow me away. You are incredibly gifted."
--Mary R., Florida
"The healing sessions you did seemed to give my system the balancing that it needed and I've been moving through a lot of internal blocks with more ease since then."
-- Holly H., California
"I had my first session with Allyson Rice. THANK YOU! She had magic in her hands. She also has great intuitive or psychic abilities. She was WONDERFUL."
-- Meredith Munsey, California, CEO of Vibrato Naming Corp.

"Words are insufficient to describe the touch and feel of your work."
-- Mick B., California

"We just wanted to say thank-you again, for all that you have done for us, both together and individually. I know it is often hard to realize the impact, if any, that one has through lots of time and hard work, but we do want you to know that your energy work has made an amazing difference in our lives. We both feel that our lives will be different than we imagined a few months ago."
-- Dena P. and Doug M., California
"The healings were amazing, very subtle yet intense. I feel that things in and around me are changing and that feels very good."
-- Rien de Rooij, Norway

"Thank you for the energy healing session. It was truly a wonderful gift. I have been practicing what you taught me while I walk. You are a gifted healer."
-- Phyllis Chavez, California
2-Week Retreat : The Healing Journey Toward Sacred Silence
"The class brought many shifts... It brought tools that I continue to use to keep the processes going. And that is somewhat new for me. I'm doing more "dirt-time" (practice) than ever before. Thanks to both of you for an incredible retreat and for sharing these tools."
--Rodney T., Georgia
"As usual, a superb class."
-- Sandy J., California
General comments

"Every program I've participated in has been a blessing, and has given me what I think of as "practical applications" of spirituality, when so much of what's offered out there is simply theory."
--R.T., Georgia


"I struggle with allowing myself to see who I really am, and you have gifted me with the ability to see myself... even my well-developed ego and defenses were silenced, and I was brought to tears with the reflection of self...I will always remain grateful to both of you for this reflection."
--Karl D., NY


"Thank you both for all that you do to bring the teachings that you share. You are great blessings to many people."
-- Holly H., California


100 Person Quest
"First of all, my life is forever changed. It would be impossible to remain the same after being part of that much, of that kind of energy. It's not just me either. Many people in all layers of my families, friends, and co-workers have experienced growth in their lives at a much faster rate then they were moving before the Quest. It is a Gift to see that. Really, it feels as though it hasn't even slowed down much yet (a year later). The drive that was generated just keeps flowing... It kicked up stuff that was deep. Root causes, and ancient answers. By seeing those root causes, many issues that needed to be worked through before, just fell away and became neutral... Leaving the Pine Barrens and going home, it was obvious right away that I was moving at a much different rate of vibration from the rest of the world, just as you forewarned, but it didn't matter, the energy within just flowed right over everything. It wasn't going to be impeded, or contained. When talking with some of my family, a word came to describe what I felt like -- solidified. It's a perfect description, solidly whole, grounded, purposeful. That feeling has never left, and I don't believe it ever will."
--Tim Grantham, Electrician, Massachusetts
"I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to participate in the 100-Person Quest... I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that this Quest literally saved my life. If I had continued on the path I was on, I would've been in big trouble. I was thinking one thing and the Creator told me something completely opposite from what I wanted to hear. I think I will listen... It's not just about what I want anymore, but about who I need to be and what I need to do to serve a greater good. All this has been an extremely profound learning experience... My faith is stronger than ever, and I'm in awe of the gifts that have come my way. It's amazing how beautifully understated the greatest gifts sneak up on you, like a gentle wave that effortlessly carries you to shore. It never happens the way you think, you just turn around and it's there waiting for you to notice."
-- Kevin F., Virginia

"I've been astonished to notice the changes that have happened in me since last August, and I've been able to backtrack many of them -- straight to the 100-person Quest. I've been able to easily do some things that I would never have even considered possible a year ago, and there have been many other shifts. Not only did a lot of new doors appear, but the Quest sure blew the doors open!"
--E.S., student, Ohio

42-Day Retreat
"Upon arrival home, I stepped on the bathroom scales and I discovered that I was exactly 40 lbs. lighter than the day I left. That certainly isn't why I did the retreat, but it is a tangible and clear result that I can look at whenever I look in the mirror. Plus, I know that the physical part of my being is the vehicle to move and act in the world, so this healthier version is another blessing! More importantly, I also know that I am "lighter" inside as well, and the body that I see in the mirror is much better able to support the other changes that have occurred... I'd like to tell you what the retreat meant to me; but at this point I'm pretty sure that I can't do it justice, because I have only begun to assess the changes it wrought... So, all is well and the "new" me is already showing up in the world. I can't wait to see what else shows up as I continue to integrate, and learn more about what the retreat brought... meanwhile please know how grateful I am to both of you for making this possible."
--Rod Terry, Web Design/Maintenance Consultant, Georgia
"I have no idea how to thank you two for those six weeks. So much happened, so much changed in me, and there just isn't any easy way to explain it. This may seem rather weird, but I've had the feeling for some weeks now that your program was a turning point in my life. I can't explain why -- I can feel it. Thank you for all the work you did, and all the things you gave up. The program was just fantastic and I'm so glad I was able to come."
--Eileen S., Ohio

"I don't even think I have the words to begin to express my gratitude for all the work you put into this program. I feel like a completely different person now (in a good way of course)! Those 40 days brought me to a place I had only briefly touched (before). It is that place of absolute Oneness which I described in the last (sweat)lodge..... I feel a certain fullness in my heart. A fullness in which the reality of that Oneness dwells. Although it has always been there, I now feel it's presence as a part of me, rather than a separate reality saved for a select few. Thank you for this experience."
-- Kate Chance, Healer, Arizon


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