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January 2009

April 2009
"Joy Is the Result"
July 2009
"100-person Vision Quest"
November 2009
"You've Created Your Own Spirituality 'Rulebook'"

January 2008
"Waiting in the Unknown..."

April 2008
"Judgment and Being Right vs. Being."
July 2008
"Where Do You Place Value?..."
October 2008
"Fear Is Not the Answer..."

January 2007
"The Importance of
Creativity "
April 2007
"Spring Awakening"
July 2007
"Backwards is Sometimes a Forward Step"
October 2007
"Working With Our Humaness"

January 2006
"New Year's Day is a State of Mind"
April 2006
"Your Life is Already Perfect"
July 2006
"The Perfection of Our Imperfections"
October 2006
"How Others Experience Us"

January 2005
"Compassion Grows in the Face of Tragedy"
April 2005
"What Is Prayer?"
July 2005
"Walking Your Talk"
October 2005
"Maintaining Balance Within the Duality"

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