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Allyson Rice
Founder and Director of The Total Human, Allyson Rice is dedicated to unleashing the unlimited creative potential of her clients; and believes that spiritual development is meant to be grounded and manifested within our daily physical existence, and that our inner light and unique gifts are meant to be shared. She facilitates spiritual growth retreats, health and wellness retreats, women's retreats, kundalini yoga and meditation workshops, and Vision Quests around the country. Her creativity retreats utilize her many years of professional experience in the creative and performing arts. Allyson has had extensive training in advanced energy healing based in Native American and Tibetan healing arts, as well as yogic Sat Nam Rasayan; and has a private energy healing practice in the Los Angeles area. She is an internationally certified kundalini yoga instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute and 3HO. Allyson is a gifted intuitive who works with her students and clients using the body as an energetic map of life experiences, and as a vehicle for healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By teaching you how to use the body as a doorway into higher consciousness and expanded awareness, and by using a unique combination of ancient and modern approaches, she will help you open your heart, get your creative energy moving, and transform the blocks and old perceptions about yourself that limit you, so that you can reach the depth of who you are.

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Malcom Ringwalt
Co-Leader of Lighten Up and the 2-Week Retreat
Malcolm Ringwalt is the Founder and Director of the Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing (since 1985). He runs vision quests, advanced quest-related programs, spiritual growth retreats, and personal intensives at locations nationwide. His teaching and counseling reflect his understanding that psychological health and spiritual growth emerge from the heart of silence and inspiration. Malcolm guides people into their timeless spiritual core by putting them on the path of their own heart. He never loses sight of the spiritual perfection of his clients, and he sees their healing as the result of the realization of this spiritual truth. He has been on his spiritual path for over 35 years, has a Master's degree in counseling psychology, and is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist. In addition to his Earth-Heart programs, he also teaches the Philosophy courses with Tom Brown Jr. at The Tracker School, and is on the Board of Directors of The Medicine Waters Nature Conservancy. Malcolm is available for short-term counseling and phone consultations through his private practice in the Los Angeles area.
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