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October 2007

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You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
--C.S. Lewis--

In human life, we tend to view ourselves as purely physical beings, living a life of limitation, frustration, and even imprisonment. We seem to experience obstacles at every turn, our desires are rarely met with satisfaction, and our health often suffers from a failure to properly digest the food we eat and the experiences of our lives we encounter. We act more like prisoners of life rather than like masters.

I think part of the reason for this state of affairs is that we humans tend to view ourselves as physical beings. And those who seek something loftier than a purely physical experience “seek” a spiritual path to uplift and inspire them and to elevate their purpose and action to a higher measure. And while this view of human life is ubiquitous, it is also false. Tragically, people seem willing, even committed to die for this belief rather than follow the often subtle promptings of their hearts and recognize a deeper truth within their essence.

The reality of our humanness is not that we are physical beings searching for spiritual satisfaction and uplift, but that we are spiritual beings seeking physical expression in this world. This understanding requires many shifts in our understanding and action. Instead of being in our experience feeling isolated and alienated, where everything is based in fear and limitation, we would have to move from and cultivate a sense of a commitment to something vast, a potential of creativity, intelligence, a sensitivity and emotional responsiveness to all things, and a profound respect for all of life.

In fact, the consequences of this shift in understanding are too vast to explore in a simple the article. It is the focus of several of our classes. However, I do want to focus here in one aspect of this dilemma to try to help you shift a piece of your understanding and, thus, your experience in line with the truth of your essence.

As a spiritual being who has cloaked yourself with a physical body, you have traded the vast potentiality of your spiritual self—a potential that is nearly unlimited in scope—for a more limited set of potentials, those defined by our humanness. In other words, as we cloaked our spiritual light with our human form, we developed the capacity to think, to feel, and to act within this dimension of life.

Do you think that embodiment was a cruel and imprisoning joke on all of us? Or is it possible that this process was a huge and precious gift. I would suggest the latter and I would further suggest that the purpose of this gesture was for us to eventually master the tools of our humanness because one aspect of those tools mirrors the creative action of the Creator in the manifestation of creation!

Yes, as we master the tools of our humanness, we will discover the ability to create in this world the life we cherish, the life we were born to live. We lost sight of some aspects of our original, spiritual potential so that we would be forced to master these tools that allow us to live on this planet and in this dimension. With mastery of the tools, we gain immeasurable benefit. We move both infinitely closer to the Creator and we extend the reach of the full measure of the Creator’s blessing into this world.

You see, while cloaking our spiritual light in a cloak of humanness tends to make us forget our innate gifts, it does not actually remove those gifts. We haven’t actually lost anything on our journey into human experience. We have merely forgotten. However, our spiritual selves simply await the successful completion of our task, a task that will create a powerful vehicle, a channel for our spiritual awareness to finally enter into this world and bring all things to fruition. We are creating a vehicle so strong, so flexible, so powerful that it can act as a conduit to the vast energies of the life and awareness of spirit

Make no mistake, you, we humans, no matter how badly we appear to act, are not a cancer to life. We are a supreme gesture of actualizing consciousness, sent here as forward scouts to uplift the consciousness of all things here into harmony with the One. And we will succeed.

…. Malcolm


Exercise #1 : Take a few minutes a day to take into your heart the main point of this article, that humans are not physical beings seeking spiritual uplift, but spiritual beings cloaked in a physical body. Pause in your daily activities, close your eyes, and relax into a sense of a higher spiritual presence within the depths of your own heart. There is a knowing, loving, peaceful place there that is the seat of your higher self. For a few moments let that presence fill your heart and your life with inspiration and purpose. Then come back into your life and live from that more centered place.

Exercise #2 : Each day, select one spiritual quality, such as, love, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, peace, etc., and take it deep into a contemplative meditation. Spend a few moments with that quality in both your mind and heart. This will allow both mind and heart to begin to resonate with the frequency of spirit, and expand our awareness’ ability to “tune” into the spiritual dimensions.


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Allyson’s All-Women Vision Quest will be run in southern Oregon near Ashland Oct 14-21 (the same location as Malcolm’s May VQ). If you are interested in attending, you must call immediately as Allyson will need to get your application before Oct 5th when she heads to OR for the Adv Women's Retreat (which is full) prior to the Quest (and will not have computer access after that time). Take the next step on your journey in this powerful and healing gathering of women...

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