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April 2008

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We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.

-The Talmud-

“Judgment and Being Right vs. Being…”
According to physics, while the entire world and most things in it appear solid and clearly defined, in reality they are made of energy and are fluid. It is only our physical senses that are tuned to the stable surface of the world that makes it appear stable and permanently set. If we had the senses to perceive energy directly, we would ‘see’ a very different world, one constantly in motion, somewhat like the ocean surface rather than a static photograph.

We see the same dynamic when we, humans, look at each other with our physical senses. Each of us looks basically the same from day to day, from year to year. Of course, in longer time periods the aging process changes our bodies, but the change is slow and we are still recognizable to those who know us. And while our mood may change from moment to moment, we tend to see ourselves as constant and our friends would recognize our behavior as consistent.

Of course, just as this sameness in the physical requires the physical senses that are only tuned to a narrow band of energy to sustain it, the sameness of our personality is equally illusory. The part of our personality that is called the subconscious mind is quite literal, and it ‘thinks’ through pictures and emotion. Every experience we have, and have ever had, is stored in the subconscious mind, whether it is contradictory to what is already there or not.

So, not only is the perception of the physical world’s solid and consistent appearance illusory, but so too is our personality’s appearance of sameness illusory. Every experience we have is stored in memory, and each experience changes us in some subtle or not so subtle way. It is only the personality that makes judgments about our experience, which emphasizes some of our experiences and ignores the rest. Basically, it emphasizes the experiences that confirm our previous judgments about life and ignores the rest.

For example, if we judge people to be threatening, then when we are walking in a mall for an hour and encounter a hundred people and ninety-eight of them are behaving harmoniously and enjoying themselves but two people are fighting, the personality will ignore the ninety-eight and focus on the two and say, “see! I told you people are threatening”.

This feature of the personality is the source of tremendous conflict in our world because it highlights two of the most destructive habits human consciousness is particularly prone to right now, judgment and the ‘need to be right’. We are all familiar with judgment, but there is one aspect of it that you might have overlooked. Our judgments come out of our past experience.  A negative experience of something in the past tends to make us judge a similar experience in the future negatively. In other words, our experience and our judgment becomes the filter through which we view life. The frightening thing about that is that this function of the personality is always facing towards the past rather than at the here and now. It brings the past as a filter into the now so we never actually get to the present! Rather than living in the present, we are always living in the past.

The second function or habit, the need to be right, is perhaps the more destructive. While judgment keeps us facing the past, the need to be right isolates us and destroys our ability to communicate with anyone who even slightly disagrees with us. Worse, it seals us from the parts of life that do not fit our preconceptions or agree with our judgments.

These two functions seem to be the dominant functions on the world stage, where social discourse is spinning wildly out of the bounds of decency and compassion, and our social interactions and arguments with family, friends, and our communities are marked by disharmony. Whether it is terrorists, politicians, family, or friends, we see the rigidity of attitudes that come from both judgment (living in the past) and our need to be right (fear of the present) resulting in isolation and violence.

And yet, if everything is always changing as both physics and psychology tell us, then these two functions distort the world. They project an inaccurate image of the world so the question is, “why would we hold onto them?” Clearly they are not conducive to harmony and success in the world and all peoples want those qualities in their lives.

The reason we cling so rigorously to these functions is that they give us a sense of continuity in our experience and in our world. And even if that continuity is painful, we feel we need the predictability in life that results. So we unconsciously choose to live in the past through our judgments and live in fear through our need to be right, rather than surrender to a true dialogue with the now. This is a dialogue that will bring us fully to life, to the change that opens our true vision and purpose in life, and that brings us to the true love and enthusiasm for life and living that we so desperately yearn for.

In reality, by living in the past and in fear, we live in the illusion of continuity. We see continuity only by ignoring our ongoing experience. Of course, there is a true continuity to our life experience, and that is the goal of our spiritual awakening. And we don’t have to work arduously for years to glimpse it. We know it now. It is that sense of self that has remained with you from your earliest experiences of self-consciousness, that remains unchanged no matter what mood you are in, what you are thinking, or what you are doing, including being judgmental and being right. It is that inner experience that allows you to recognize yourself as the center of your experience and that sense has been the same when you were a child, a teenager, and an adult. And it will always be the same.

Sadly, judging and militantly believing we are right, tend to dim our experience of that self that resides inside, and replaces it with the illusory continuity of judgment and fear. However, the choice is always open to confront our past and the judgments that arise from it, and to surrender the walls we have built out of our fear the maintaining of which results in our need to be right. In other words we can learn to awaken to the only true continuity, the one beyond fear and judgment, the one that establishes true harmony, peace, compassion, and love in our hearts and in the life of the world. If we fail to do this work, why would we be surprised at the dark reflection the world gives us.

                                                     …. Malcolm



Exercise #1: For a few minutes a day, pay particular attention to the judgments you make. As soon as you notice yourself in judgment or being “right”, direct your attention to your emotion and to your body and notice how they both feel. Are they relaxed, open, and content? Or are they feeling otherwise. The purpose of this exercise is to help you see how much time you spend in judgment and how corrosive that mind set is to your health and happiness so please don’t shortchange it by stopping when you get uncomfortable by what you are learning. Stick with it for a couple of weeks. Only if you allow yourself to fully feel the impact of your judgment will you begin to change.

Exercise #2: Sit and relax. Simply direct your attention to your inner sense of self, that which is present no matter what you are doing, thinking, or feeling. When you find yourself wandering off into thoughts or feelings, simply return to the sense of self by asking, “Who is it that is thinking this, or feeling this?” Just relax into the feeling of being present, that sense of “I” that resides inside, and when that feels deep and almost solid, briefly direct your attention to your emotions and body to see how they are feeling with this awareness. Then return to the simple awareness of your self and enjoy the brief vacation from all the doing that you typically engage in.


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