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April 2009

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Many of our fears are tissue-paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.
- Brendan Francis-


“Making A Difference In the World”

Individually, we are specks in the immensity of creation, and yet our lives are crucial to the unfolding of the whole. Our every thought, feeling, and action effect not only the trends of time here, but they ripple throughout the entirety of creation, creating a harmony or disharmony that touches everything and everyone. We are tiny and we are immense, and we make a difference!

This year we are running another 100-person quest to influence the trends of life, and it couldn’t come at a more crucial time. Global economies are in recession and the efforts of national leaders are either failing to benefit or, in some cases, are making the situation worse. Fear is rampant in individuals and pervade the atmosphere of the planet, and that fear has become the ‘fruit’ we, as a people, offer into the immensity.

A culture is made up of individuals and will always reflect the thoughts, feelings, and actions of each of us individually and collectively. That reflection is spiritual law and has been called by such names as “cause and effect”, “karma”, “as you believe, so shall you experience”, etc. Both our light and dark will be reflected to each of us and it is the collective reflection of all of us that becomes our national and international destiny.

That means the trends of the time are more in our hands than we may have realized until now. The destiny of a nation must be worked out individually; there is no other way. We are not powerless in our lives but are the authors of our own destiny. If the world seems to have lost its bearings, it is a reflection of our inner confusion and the narrowness of our vision, and while that includes our leaders, it is not limited to them.

The feeling of victimology is a false understanding that is not supported by spiritual law. That should encourage and empower us all to refocus ourselves into a new awakening and a quickening of our creative, spiritual awareness. We must seek to understand our creative power, rooted in the inner core of ourselves and in our connection with the Creator. Until we learn to act from that seat of divine power and justice, we will be led around by the nose by a superficial view of the world formed through the physical senses, physical mind, and physical emotions instead of through our higher, divine self.

As spiritual seekers, you know of the power you wield through the various tools in your spiritual toolkit. One of the most powerful of those tools for you to use for yourselves and for others, is the vision quest. It creates shifts within your own consciousness and also in your lives. It purifies awareness until it is so clear and transparent that life is experienced in the vastness that it really is, not in the smallness that it seems. It helps you release the pain you have accumulated and thereby compels life to reflect that greater peace and harmony in your circumstances. More than that, it opens a more perfect alignment with the unfolding vision of your life, ensuring that you are always exactly where you are meant to be. It will do the same for society.

There is a confluence that cannot be ignored. We have pressure and upheaval in our society, fear is high, and we spiritual seekers bring the knowledge and practices to make a difference. Aiding our efforts is the very chaos we seek to confront! It is precisely these times that make us, as individuals, more available to the spiritual breakthroughs we have long sought because our defenses have been weakened by so much uncertainty. The same is true for society as a whole; it is vulnerable, available to be touched by a focused intent.

Now, based on your knowledge and your experience, I ask you to help me bend the trends of time. Be firm as spiritual seekers, offer what you know, and live your vision with courage and sacrifice. And as you bend yourselves and your consciousness by your efforts, you will find that the trends of life bend as well. As you lift yourselves, you will find life is uplifted. These truths come out of inexorable spiritual law and I invite you to make use of these laws to redirect the trends of time into harmony, peace, courage, vision, and love.

So, I invite you to quest this August, from the 8th through the 15th and take advantage of this unique, even historic, opportunity. Join with a large group of us, multiply the power of your personal quest, and create a wave of spiritual awakening that will benefit you and bless the world. Quest for yourself, for your family, your community, your nation, or your world: but quest. I am also asking you to talk about the quest to everyone you know who might be interested and let them know that this is the quest to do rather than any other. Tell them of the energy that is generated that will allow them to leap much further than would otherwise be possible for the same 4-day quest done alone or with a smaller group!

Whether you feel to join us at the 100-person quest or not, consider that you do have the power to make a difference in the world. Spiritual law determines perfect justice in the world for each of us so our individual efforts will make a difference in our lives and in the life and destiny of the world. The power is yours to wield. If the trends of time are to be changed, if the momentum that has been built until now is to be slowed or reversed, it will only happen if those who understand the real problem will gather themselves, shake off their complacency and their victimhood, and embrace their creative potential to radiate the light and power and intelligence of God into the world.

Blessings, Malcolm


Someday, we're going to rise up on the wind, you know. Someday, we're going to dance with those lions. Someday, we're going to break free from these chains, and keep on flying.

-From the song "Someday" by Flipsyde-




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Click on the underlined links below to read about a particular class, or go to The Total Human™ Programs or Earth-Heart Programs to read about other classes not listed here, and TTH Student Comments or E-H Student Comments to read comments from past participants.

Because of the financial difficulties so many people are having this year, with many participants having to cancel due to other more urgent financial obligations, during 2009 we will be temporarily putting on hold some of the programs normally offered (as we are not in a position to run anything at a loss this year ourselves). Intensives and Mentoring will remain. We expect everything will be back as usual next year, but 2009 will be about reorganizing, letting things shift, seeing how it all needs to evolves for a fresh start in 2010.

Last call for any women who have come to the Sedona Womens Retreat (level one) who woujld like to come to the Level 3 women's retreat ("Surrendering Into the Dance") without the pre-requisite of Level 2! Email ASAP if youre interested. Los Angeles area April 13-17.

Malcolm has a couple of spots that have just opened up for his long-distance, one-on-one Mentoring program. Participants get the extraordinary value of very personalized one-on-one work with Malcolm, over an extended time period to make sure you stay on track with your personal work as you apply it to your daily life and relationships. And because it's by phone, there is no added travel expense, or time away from work or family to participate. It's an invaluable investment! 6-month minimum commitment required. Call or email for details.

Earth-Heart has decided to cancel all Vision Quests this year except the 100-person VQ in the NJ Pine Barrens August 8-15, 2009, so we can focus on building the energy for this Vision Quest This is the third of three 100-person Quests that were originally planned, the first in 2002, the second in 2005, and the final one this year. If you haven't made it to either of the others, the energy is extraordinary. DON'T MISS IT! There's an article written by a past participant, Tim Grantham, up on the Earth-Heart site if you'd like to read about it from a participant's perspective. Article Link

Allyson and Malcolm teach together in the always wonderful Lighten Up Retreat in Joshua Tree, CA. It's currently scheduled for June 10-14, 2009. If life has been shrinking around you, and your practices have gone by the wayside, or you’ve been in survival mode trying to make ends meet, THIS is the program to come to for a powerful jump-start. Amazing health and well-being benefits, as well as expanded awareness and an opening of the heart center. No experience is needed for any of the activities we do there. Check out the description and the past participant comments to see how great people feel after this program. Couples wanting to do this program together receive $100 off per-person to make it easier to come together. Long-term payment plan available to anyone if it helps you be able to join us!

Malcolm has a limited number of 6-day  Personal Intensive dates between now and June. Call soon - dates fill up very quickly.



We want to support organizations out there who are working for the uplifting of humanity. If you know of websites that are doing really good work in the world, email them to us for possible inclusion in a future newsletter. We’d like to help get the word out.

In this newsletter, we'd just like to encourage you to continue to donate to your own favorite causes. Times are rough right now, and donations are down everywhere. Many organizations trying to do good and create change in people's lives around the world are struggling. Even if it's just $5.00, it's better than nothing. And $5.00 from a lot of people adds up. So continue to give what you can to the causes you believe in.


Many blessings to you all,




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