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July 2009

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Hope is like a road in the country; there wasn't ever a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.
-Lin Yutang-


“100-Person Vision Quest…”

It is now only three weeks away and there is a strong momentum moving up to the 100-person Vision Quest. I imagine that those of you who have signed up for it have already begun to feel it in inside, perhaps as a tension, perhaps as an excitement, perhaps as some inner chaos. The pressure will continue to build in the coming weeks so I encourage you to take extra care of yourself, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Remember that the pressure is building in support of your quest and the breakthroughs that are being prepared for you and within you.

So much will happen for you on the Quest that you need to be prepared for it in advance to get the most out of it, and your guides are working overtime to get you ready. Unfortunately, as part of the preparations, sometimes things seem to be falling apart in your life, setbacks occur, and countless “take it to the bank” reasons why you shouldn’t come grab you persuasively. Try to take it all in stride, accept it, deal with it, and come anyhow. Don’t let the darkness sway you; you have a greater purpose beyond the self, and a deeper yearning driving your heart.

The 100-person quest in Europe has about 65 people in it, and there is a smaller Quest in Australia and one in Hawaii, all coordinated with our Quest dates. Our 100-person Quest in the PineBarrens in NJ is still receiving applications almost daily.

So this is a last minute call to all those who intend to come Quest but have not yet sent in their application, for those who have thought about it but haven’t yet committed, for those on the fence unsure whether they can swing it, and to those who have allowed their fear and doubt to overwhelm them. It is also for those who haven’t even considered this Quest.

The time to decide, and to act, is now. There is no “later”. The pen hits the paper, or it doesn’t. This is the moment that choice makes a difference, creates a new direction; if the choice is not made, then there will be more of the same. (There is nothing wrong with that either, I just want to emphasize the importance of this moment, now.)

Anyone on the spiritual path has an unquenchable yearning for the taste and touch of their divine nature, and that is the real calling of our heart into all our spiritual efforts. The calling is constant, and it is limited only by our strength and courage, not by outer circumstance or inner vicissitudes.

The calling is not emotional, and it is not mental; it is spiritual. Like a fish hooked on the end of the angler’s line, the emotions and mind resist the quiet inner voice, seeking escape (and the indulgence of the personal) in whatever distraction they can find. It is that inner voice, that deep passion that keeps bringing us back and leads us into our destiny, into the uncertain future that the purpose that has hold of us is leading us into.

Over the years, I have known and been blessed by many teachers and I have been aware of the teachings of many others. Many of those teachers have pioneered a particular practice or understanding that helped them achieve their breakthroughs, and they pass those teachings on to their students. However, I have always marveled that over and over again, I have heard these teachers tell their students that their practices are all they need to reach enlightenment! and that the old ways aren’t necessary. “Do this meditation every day and you will progress most rapidly” I have heard repeatedly.

You know what? I love some of those teachers deeply, honor them all, and respect their efforts for their students. However, on this point, they are, quite simply, wrong. I followed several paths before I came to my first Quest, and at that Quest I learned more on the first day than I had learned the previous 20 years on my path. Of course I got benefit from the work of those previous 20 years, however, it took the Quest to bring it all into focus and bring it “down and dirty” into practical expression and usefulness in my life.

You all know that I am committed to the Vision Quest as a tool for spiritual awakening. Obviously, I don’t think it is the only tool you should have in your toolbox. However, I don’t know of any other practice that will allow you to chew up and digest your past, including your pain and trauma, let you touch the vast power of nature, feel the glory of the divine presence, be humbled by our insignificance but also by how important we are to the evolution of the consciousness of the planet (vision), and do it in a way that is grounded and integrated so the benefits occur immediately in your life. And the four days allows you to accomplish so very much, and to move so far on your path that the changes are tangible to you immediately afterwards.

I have written that this 100-person Quest is to uplift the consciousness of the planet, and it is. That is one of humanity’s crucial roles here. But what I want to emphasize in this letter is the value of this Quest to you. As a Quester, you can surrender into the full power and potential of the energy created, and ride it further than you would get in a dozen regular Quests. Healing, clarity, passion, and vision will be the atmosphere you move and breathe within for four days. Those who take advantage of this opportunity are the lucky ones.

So, I am asking you to take what I have written here, into the quiet place in your heart and if you feel the yearning in your heart for the gifts of this Quest, then sign up. We need your help, your presence to reach the 100-person goal. Don’t let your fear or uncertainty stand in your way but put it aside to follow where your heart is guiding. That is the only way to live your life, from the authenticity of your heart and Being. On this path our lives must be lived from the center of our Being and Vision out into life and living.

As I said earlier, the time for the pen to hit the paper is now. The difference can be made now, or missed now. Search out your heart. I hope to see you on August 8th!




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Allyson's Sedona Women’s RetreatReconnecting With the Power of the Sacred Feminine”  is next scheduled for April 28- May 2, 2010 at Angel Valley Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ. Applications are already coming in for it. Come and spend 5 days in an extraordinary setting with a group of women as amazing as you. Ancient  women's power teachings, plus much, much more. You will LOVE this week. Extended payment plan on credit card auto payment over a full year available for this and other programs. Call to arrange if this would help you to be there.

Malcolm has a limited number of 6-day  Personal Intensive dates in Sept and Oct. Call soon - dates fill up very quickly.


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