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APRIL 2007

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“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”

~Henry David Thoreau~

Spring Awakening
After a long winter when nature is mostly dormant, the springtime awakens a stirring in all things. As the daylight lengthens and the earth warms, life begins to slowly move. The seeds in the ground, hidden and protected by the soil all winter, swell and set roots more deeply to begin their journey of life. The trees draw more moisture and nutrients from the earth and set buds on their branches, in preparation for sending leaves to the light to create energy. The animals emerge from hibernation, a hunger in their bellies, and those who did not hibernate feel an easing inside. They have all survived the time of winter stillness, the great purification.

At first this is a gentle thing, a mere impulse of awakening. It is mostly hidden, this initial awakening, available only to the discerning eye, but soon the awakening life gathers momentum and though still fragile it blankets the earth with unmistakable signs of life. Shoots of new plants emerge, tender new-green leaves dance in the warming breezes, and the songs of birds and insects fill the air. What began as a subtle thing now surges into the expression of the immense force of life.

After a long and dark winter, the human heart also begins to awaken into life. It swells with new hope as the hardships and inactivity of winter abate. Lifted by the young life all around it, a new enthusiasm stirs and new dreams set their roots in the soils of life, of consciousness. These things too seek expression after a lengthy time of quiescence, and these new dreams, flooded with hope, attention, and intention, are energized and begin to take shape.

Many of us on the spiritual path watch closely the movements and rhythms of nature. We find that moving in harmony with the larger life around us helps us stay aligned with and sensitive to our own inner life and the opportunities available there. Recognizing how inextricably linked we are to a larger life strengthens our life and allows us to stay balanced, healthy, and effective in our actions.

But even those who don¹t walk a spiritual path respond unconsciously to the larger rhythms of nature. The winter cold keeps most indoors in a kind of forced hibernation; spring is a time to remove the cobwebs that have accumulated from so much inactivity (the spring cleaning) and set plans, the seeds, of new directions; summer is a time of intense activity, accomplishing our plans and playing; while fall is a time of gathering our fruit to us in preparation to the coming rest.
The gift of being aware of these larger rhythms is that they can become guides that we can use consciously to act in harmony with the force of nature. They guide us into harmony with a larger power that we can use to strengthen our life.

In this article, there are two rhythms that we will focus on. First, we look at a kind of psychic “spring cleaning” that will allow us to clean out the stagnation of a quiet winter and prepare for the intense action that we are called to. Second, we will look to the rhythm of spring for guidance to the kinds of intentions, or seeds, that we could plant in the soils of our heart that might yield the greatest benefit to us.

Spring-cleaning is rarely fun. We don’t do it for entertainment. However, in the springtime, we begin to notice the accumulation of “winter stuff” around the house and yard. It isn’t “spring stuff,” so we put it away, clean it out, and when we are done, we feel lighter, our homes feel clearer; more light and energy flows more easily through it. Spring can move in and we feel lighter and happier.

Well, the same thing needs to happen in our inner lives as well! We need to clean out the cobwebs and put the “winter stuff” away. We cannot do it through meditation as that is a “winter” practice (or night-resting). And unintentional activity will just be activity. We must align our intention with our action. For that I like to dance!

Practice #1

To get everything moving and clearing, I would like to suggest a particular dance. I prefer to dance outside standing on the earth, but inside is fine. Begin by vigorously shaking your whole body. At first just shake all parts of the body to loosen the muscles. Do it wildly, but not so violently that you might hurt yourself. Do it just hard enough to feel your entire body warming up.

Once you are loose, begin to shake as a dog does right after its bath when it is trying to get the all the water off. Imagine you are shaking off all the stagnation of the winter, the “winter” thoughts and emotions. Feel them as drops being flung off in all directions! Continue to shake for 3 to 5 minutes, or until you feel a flush of warmth throughout your entire body, perhaps surrounding it as well. Don’t dance the point of exhaustion, just until you feel all the tired and stagnant energies of the past season flung away.

Then stand straight and feel your vitality and life force filling you and surrounding you, and the strength of your muscles well used. Now send your awareness down through the bottom of your feet and sense the energy of the earth below you. It might feel warm, even hot, perhaps electric, or it may simply feel like a gentle force. Allow that energy -- direct it to enter through your feet, come up your legs, and gather at your belly. Feel your energy and the energy of the earth blending together.

Continue to draw more and more energy from the earth into your body until your entire body is filled with these combined energies. Draw up even more energy and feel the energy burst beyond the limits of your body and wrap you in a cocoon of energy and light. Now stand there for another minute or two to enjoy the feeling of new energy filling your body. Do this exercise for 5 to 7 days to fling off that which is old and used up, and to fill the body with fresh new energy.

After this exercise, your whole body will feel clean and bright, and it will be fully prepared for the second exercise of this newsletter, the planting of new seeds. Even if this is the only dance you do or it is the only method of psychic spring cleaning you use, you will be filled with new energy, you will feel clear and present, and you will be at peace, ready to launch into the new directions that you feel as seeds in you desiring.

Practice #2

It is ideal to practice this right after the previous exercise to put the gathered energy to good use, but it is not necessary.

For this exercise we should remember that we are planting something small and fragile. It must be protected and nurtured to have a chance to grow into something mature and powerful. We protect and nurture these fragile seeds with our intention and attention, but, as in nature, we must first do it hidden from all view but ours because the initial movements towards life are tender and vulnerable. Don’t talk about that which you are gestating in your heart, just hold it wrapped in love and a deep yearning for the fruits of what we have planted. (Talking, at this stage, will not help. In the summer and fall there is plenty of time to talk, in fact, we must talk in those seasons or our seedling will never emerge into the light and thus never bear fruit!)

The best seeds to plant at this season are those that we most need to grow inside ourselves, the seeds that will yield the greatest fruit. Pick the smallest seeds, the areas of our greatest need or even weakness. Now is not the time to dream of a better job or a bigger house. Now is the time to move mountains. Now nature is cooperating with our plantings, use that added force! The seeds I recommend are the seeds of faith, gratitude, peace, unconditional love, or any other of the qualities that reflect and emerge from spiritual realization. Pick one!

So, standing in the warm, energetic glow from the last exercise (or in a relaxed posture if you do this exercise separately from the previous one), call to mind the seed you are planting. Do not create an idealized version of it (you are planting a seed not the entire tree!), but see it as you currently see and understand it. The deepest part of your heart sees and knows what the seed is to become, just as the Creator knows the tree an acorn will become when it matures and bears fruit. Just putting your attention on the quality, as you know it now, will energize it and allow it to thrive and grow into its fullest potential. Just hold the thought empowered with the feelings that arise from this quality in the heart, wrapped in the warmth of your warm, clear energy for a couple of minutes. Then release it and go about your life.

Now, just enjoy the awakening of spring knowing that you are in balance and harmony with the forces of life and creation, and that you are growing, in the secret place of your heart, a powerful quality that will change your life.

…. Malcolm


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