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           Accessing the Ancient Wisdom Within You

This is the Advanced Women's Retreat LEVEL 2 -- scroll down for LEVEL 3

The Advanced Women's Retreat (level 2) is available only to women who have completed "The Women's Retreat: Reconnecting With the Power of the Sacred Feminine" (next being run April 22-26, 2009 in Sedona). In this program, you will continue to learn and work with practices that support women's unique energy system, and our unique connection to Spirit. We will also dive more deeply into group and partner exercises that focus on powerful communication, healing old wounds, transforming your old emotional "triggers", and bringing out deeper levels of your innate wisdom.

We will also spend time soaking in some healing mineral springs nearby, and we will be making some extremely powerful "medicine items" traditionally used for personal healing that you will be able to take home with you and use for years to come.

The more deeply you move into this work of the sacred feminine and the power it contains, you will find yourself wondering how you've managed all these years to remain sane in the way you were trying to "cope" with daily challenges.

This program will be physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding (as well as heart-centered, healing, and nurturing). Please make sure that before coming to this retreat, you have been actively working with the principles and exercises that were taught in the initial Women's Retreat. That will be our jumping off point...

Class size will be limited to 20 max, so don't wait to register if you want to join us, to dive deep into the wisdom of the sacred feminine!


Oct 7-11, 2009 



$475 (if entire balance-in-full is received by April 8, 2009), 

$500 (received between April 8 and Sept 8, 2009),

$550 (received after Sept 8, 2009)
ROOM & BOARD:  $450


Buckhorn Springs Retreat Center, near Ashland, Oregon

Instructors: Allyson

$300.00 Deposit
$645.00 Balance
$945.00 Full Fee

Level 3 :  It will be a good one! Activities will be deeper than Level 2 and will be determined based on the participants coming. You don't need a description. You know already if you want to be here to deepen the connections and expand farther (though I'll let you know that we will be doing some activities at the beach...). See you there!

April 13-17, 2009  at the Holy Spirit Retreat Center in the Los Angeles area.

Go to to pay your $300 deposit or the $875 payment-in-full ($925 if balance is still due upon arrival to the class) to:

(or you can use the button above for the deposit -- just email me that you used the W2 button, so it doesn't get logged in incorrectly on this end).

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