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      An Inner Peace Bootcamp Where the Yogi Meets the Shaman
                                      A Health and Wellness Retreat

Lighten Up is the health and wellness retreat you've been searching for. We focus on creating dynamic energy through a powerful combination of yogic and nature-based techniques. Some of the many benefits of these practices include increased vitality and core strength, deep relaxation, a release of old emotional patterns locked deep within the body, a reduction of stress-related symptoms, greater personal power and the ability to manifest your goals, expanded awareness and intuition, improved sleep, deeper connection with others, and an overall increased sense of wellbeing and inner peace. The most frequent comment we get from participants is about how long the positive results last after the retreat is over.

Activities at the Lighten Up retreat include meditation, some still, some moving; breathwork; the use of sound therapy (drums, gong, mantra); yoga and other movement to strengthen the nervous system, improve immune function, balance the glandular system and improve circulation (no prior yoga and meditation experience or extreme flexibility is necessary -- all levels welcome!); a nightly sweatlodge for purification and expansion of awareness (most evenings); time alone in nature, and one hands-on energy healing session per student. There is a structure for the week, but variations can occur based upon the need of the individual group.

The food at this health and wellness retreat will be healthy, delicious vegetarian fare, with an optional one-day juice fast during the week. As your body purifies itself and releases stored toxins, it rebuilds itself. It is an extraordinary opportunity to replace your habitual mental and emotional "garbage" with positive and healing forces that will be implanted on a cellular level.

                     Each day, the yoga, meditation, and other activites

                                      center on the theme of that day.

DAY 1: Intro to class, and the building of the sweatlodge
DAY 2: Kidney/Liver Day (we work on releasing old anger and fear)
DAY 3: Digestion Day (includes work around "digesting" your life experiences)
DAY 4: Heart Center/Immune System Day (we work on keeping the heart open, there is also a Silence Quest, as well as an optional 1-day juice fast)
DAY 5: Nervous System Day (we finish the retreat by working with more subtle energies that are affected by stress and information overload

The Lighten Up Inner Peace Bootcamp is an excellent class to do annually, to release and recharge!

This retreat is run in collaboration with Malcolm Ringwalt of the Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing

Class Fee

June 11-15, 2008

June 10-14, 2009


($475 Program Fee and  $500 room           and board fee)

Joshua Tree, CA

and Malcolm

$300.00 Deposit
$675.00 Balance
$975.00 Full Fee

Yoga and Meditation. Sweatlodge. Breathwork. Energy Healing. Deep Relaxation. Juicing. Time in Nature. Increased Vitality......The LIGHTEN UP Health and Wellness Retreat!

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