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Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow (yes, I'm talking to you!)

Your Wild Creative Soul is a weekend retreat at a beautiful retreat center in the Los Angeles area. It's great fun, and messy, and free-flowing; and no experience is necessary! It will help get the stuck places within you moving, and help you to feel a greater sense of joy (lurking just below the surface). We will use nature as inspiration, while we use a wide variety of art projects as our jumping off point into effortless creative impulse and expression. Activities may include drawing, writing, mask-making, multi-medium LifeMap collages, coloring mandalas, finger painting, and we will incorporate music and movement designed to activate right-brain creative function. The activities will be combined in unusual ways to get your mind working "outside-the-box." There will also be optional yoga and meditation sessions for those interested, designed around opening the flow of creativity.

If you have never considered yourself very creative, this will be an excellent program to show you how misguided that belief is. You will see how much more creative you are than you give yourself room for. And if you're already in touch with your Inner Artist, it will be a great weekend to dive more deeply into your creative process.

You are a deeply creative being, and your life will change when you unleash that enormous flow of creativity within you. You are literally made of the creative energy of the universe. It is constantly moving and expressing itself through you and as you, and is available to you at any moment if you just learn to get out of your own way. And when you allow your soul's creative expression into your life, your life will open into fullness, joy and freedom.

Your daily level of happiness will soar.
               Your work will become dynamic.
                              Your relationships will deepen.
                                            Your overall health will improve.
                                                           Your sense of abundance will increase.
                                                                            Your life will become your greatest work of art.

You don't suffer to find happiness, you open your heart to it. You don't struggle to find joy, you surrender into it. And you don't work to unleash your creativity, you play! Give your wild, creative soul some room to play at this jam-packed weekend retreat. It's the most important fun you'll ever have.

(During this art and creativity retreat, you can sign up for a single room for an additional $75 added to room and board costs. If you're flying in to Los Angeles, this retreat center also allows people to extend their stay on either end of the weekend retreat if you'd like a longer personal retreat time. You would set up the extra days directly with the retreat center AFTER you sign up for the class through The Total Human. You can also set up energy healing sessions with Allyson, or counseling with Malcolm during your extra stay if desired.)

Dates: Feb 20-22, 2009  -- FULL! (call or email to be placed on the waiting list or to be notified about next dates)

$150 Class fee

/ $170 Room and board

/ $35 Materials fee

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Instructors: Allyson
$355.00 without private room
$430.00 with private room

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