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For those who wish to work privately in a retreat format with Allyson, she has designed this Private Intensive. It will be tailored to meet your specific needs and to fulfill the goals you set for your work together. Prior to the Intensive, you and Allyson will discuss exactly what you seek to accomplish, and then she will design the Intensive to fulfill those goals. Each session will last approximately 2 hours. There will be one afternoon session on the first day, one morning session on the last day, and 2 sessions per day on the days in between. The number of days you spend together will vary based on the Private Intensive plan that you choose.

Healing therapies during your retreat may include:

*Energy healing work
*Intuitive counseling
*Private yoga sessions
*Meditation instruction
*Chi gung
*Creative projects
*Healing ceremonies
*(for women) Ancient Woman's teachings and healing the wounds of the Feminine (Please note that this does not fulfill the requirement for the Adv. Women's Retreat).

There are a variety of ways to set up your time. You could choose energy healing every morning and intuitive counseling every afternoon. Or we could break the morning session into an hour of energy healing, and an hour of intuitive counseling; then spend the afternoon sessions alternating between yoga or chi gung on the beach, and creative projects. Or you could choose to do different activites in every session: energy healing on afternoon #1, intuitive counseling on morning #2, a creative project that afternoon, learn about yogic food choices that would suit you on morning #3, and learn a personal healing ceremony that afternoon, go on a whimsical field trip on morning #4 that focuses on cultivating joy and delight... etc.... You get the picture.

Finally, you will leave the Intensive with a plan of action and practices to integrate into your everyday life the insights you develop there.

You are responsible for your own room and board, and you will need a car. If you are flying in, you can stay at a local hotel (we can recommend some close), or you can camp in Malibu Creek State Park if you're looking for something less expensive. If you live in the L.A. area, you can return home each night and we will arrange local places to meet each day depending on what we're doing.

Currently booking dates for November and early December 2008, and January 2009.

Fees range from $600 for 3-days, $800 4-days, or $900 5-days. (A significant discount from the regular hourly rate of $125 per hour).

$600.00 Three Days
$800.00 + S&H

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